Admit it you saw this coming. A Cupcake Liner garland? Yes, please. And thank you!
Cupcake Liners

Found via Project Wedding, (photographed by Scott Clark Photography, originally here on 100 Lake Cake) this little DIY craft is perfect for a summer wedding, rehearsal dinner, kids birthday, you name it. And with the fun amount of liners out there, you can coordinate your garland to the type of event. For two 36′ strands of garland you’ll need approx. 4-5 packs of cupcake liners.
Stringing the Liners

{first} lay out all of your liners, and if you decide to use them, fabric circles and pieces of lace. Figure out what type of pattern you’d like to use, if any. If you tea-dye some wrappers make sure they are completely dry before stringing together.
{second} take a small stack and thread a needle through with some twine or ribbon of your choosing. You’ll need a heavy duty needle to get the twine through if you use a threading agent thicker than normal thread.
{third} once you’ve thread on about 1/3 of the liners glue gun a couple to the twine to prevent the liners from sliding back and forth too much. You can even use a little lace tied to the ends to attach to wherever you plan to hang the garland.
{fourth} Just remember to let the glue dry before continuing on. And thread away all your liners and lace to your heart’s content. Keep the liners as tightly or loosely space together as you want or switch up the spacing for some variety.

Totally going to make this lovely little treat for a bridal shower. We have a trellace over our patio in the back yard and this would look just darling draped from corner to corner. Hope you feel inspired everyone!
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