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Our Guests Will Drink In StyleJune 18, 2010
My newest wedding project? A lovely little drink set up to greet our guests when they head to the bar at our wedding. There will be one of our chalkboard signs that I made detailing the bride and groom’s fave drinks. Then in a gorgeous little vintage glass, we will have some gray and white striped straws like pictured above. And my goodness I searched high and low for these and finally found a craft supplier that let us preorder 200 of these beauties! Kisforcalligraphy makes adorable stickers that are similar to the ones that read Liz Hearts Chris. I think Rbs hearts Apb would be cute and putting them on a handful of straws would be just darling. I was also thinking Team Groom and Team Bride stickers could be cute; but we may need more Team Bride straws than the Groom ones right Andrew? :) Have a splendid weekend everyone! xo



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