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The Dessert Dresser, Part IJuly 20, 2010
Dresser Part 1
Remember the time I pulled a little girl’s dresser out of the trash? And remember when I proudly proclaimed that I planned to finish it in a pretty vintage white wash so come September 24th, we’d have a beautiful dresser to place our cake and treats on for guests? Well, with two months to go until the wedding, my Mom and I have decided to start this little project. So without further ado, I present to you, The Dessert Dresser, Part I.
Dresser Part 1
Really, it’s not in terrible shape. However, if you were to compare this dresser to something out of a commercial store, then yes, it is a tad weathered, outdated, old and worn. But that’s what I love about it and what caught my eye driving home from work months ago. In terms how the set-up I envision, the dresser is the perfect height for guests to be able to scout out the goodies, I am so excited to utilize those drawers and the mismatched handles are eclectic and funky. I may even buy some new knobs to spice things up.
Dresser Part 1
I am not too sure what type of finish the dresser currently has but my neighbor – the one who helped me with these and this – works at a home hardware store so we are planning on asking him for some guidance. We need to figure out how to strip this thing before painting it and vintaging-it up. For all you creative friends out there (you know who you are, you little refinishers-you!) what are your suggestions and helpful hints? And everyone else, do you see the potential here or have I yet to remove my wedding goggles? :)
Dresser Part 1

Here’s Part II
Here’s Part III
And here’s the Final Product from our Wedding Day.



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