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My Bridal ShowerAugust 11, 2010

The I can’t remember the last time I felt so special, loved and cared about as I did at my Canadian bridal shower thrown by by Mom and two of my bridemaids Emily and Melissa. The whole thing was a surprise until the day of and I had no idea who was going to be there, where it was, what the food would be or anything. But when I showed up I instantly lit up with happiness; there’s just something to be said about really special and kind people all coming together in one place. I was greeted with not only my fabulous Mom decked out in BCBG, but this custom made bridal hat. So couture and me, I adore it :)
I had my wedding hair trial that day too. So I got to wear pretty hair to my special day. Here’s the back:
And here I am in my hat. I love it. A lot. Can’t you tell?
I only wore the hat for a bit since I didn’t want to mess up the ‘do too much. But once most of the guests arrived and got name tagged, we were served some pretty amazing food and drinks. Everything was so yummy and pleasantly presented; I felt like I was at a very fancy cocktail party. The waiter made sure to bring out each tray to me first; it made me feel so special :) Those things that look like mozzarella sticks are actually mac and cheese sticks. Probably the best invention ever.
And the drinks. The blueberry vodka and lemonade drinks. So very tasty I might add :)

While the food was being brought out, the girls then played some adorable games, like making wedding gowns out of toilet paper and tape while I judged the end results (Ohmygosh my girlfriends and family are good. Like really good when it comes to designing). And we played a How Well Do You Know the Bride game along with What’s in Your Purse. Eeep! Loved this. 
In the picture below, the girl on the left is my long time gymnastics friend the incredible Mel, then that’s my adorable Mom, followed by my gorgeous girlfriend Cheri (the granddaughter of my neighbor) and my beautiful work supervisor Jody who was most recently a beautiful bride herself. I picked Jody’s dress as the winner, it was actually quite amazing.

Did I mention my girlfriends (and Mom!) have amazing choices in shoes too?

After games we had a little time for gifts. I was a little nervous to open my presents in front of so many people since I always feel silly getting gifts (I know, it’s a bridal shower). But after the first few, I started getting really excited to open each and every special package. I got some beautiful blue towels, two toasters, a utensil set and box for the pieces, a cake cutting and serving set with jewelled handles, stemless wine glasses, kitchen utensils, a salad spinner, some gift cards to VS, H and M, Aldo and La Senza and so much more. I know I keep saying it over and over again, but how can I be so lucky?
Like I previously mentioned, my most treasured gift was from my Mom. A custom engraved Tiffany’s charm bracelet with the sweetest card ever. I’ve never gotten anything (or bought myself anything) from Tiffany’s so seeing that little blue box when I unwrapped the tissue paper, made my heart skipped a few beats. It honestly brought me right to tears and a few of my girlfriends at the party teared up too.

And then again no bridal shower is complete without the addition of gorgeous girlfriends, neighbors, family, friends, coworkers, childhood friends, former highschool classmates and the list goes on and on and on…

Thank you to all the women in my life who made the entire day so wonderful and memorable. If this is just one small preview of the happiness that will comprise our wedding day then I cannot wait for September 24th. Much love to each and every one of you. Love Rhiannon xoxo



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