Remember this thing? Well no need to worry everyone. I have been working on sprucing it up in time for September 24th (which is just under 5 weeks from now by the way). It’s just that the process is going very, very slowly. And at first I decided that maybe leaving the dresser as is would be kind of cool. The colour is lovely, the banged up parts look vintage and I would be saving myself time, effort and money. But then I visited my venue. And closed my eyes. And images of a white dresser flooded my mind. Frankly there was no room for this hot mess of a dresser. So the next day, I had a paintbrush in one hand, and a paint can in the other.

I should have figured this part out, but since I found the dresser in the trash nearly 7 months ago it was extremely dirty and dusty. So I removed all the drawers out of it to clean out the dirt, dust and spider nests (at least I am pretty sure they were spider nests). I actually took a hose vaccum to parts of it to suck up all of the nastiness.
And I removed all of the drawer knobs. My fabulous mother has a huge grab bag of knobs that she said I could use for the dresser when it is finished being painted. I am over the moon excited to share them with you because these knobs are downright fabulous and will really add a special touch to the finished product (think Anthropology-style knobs, that’s how fab they are :)

To wash the dresser I used a warm water and grime-remover solution. And this is the water before I wash the dresser at all. You should have seen it afterwards. This thing was disgusting. I am so glad I decided to wash and paint it. Using a lightly damp cloth I scrubbed and scrubbed each drawer to make it as clean as possible.

And voila! Pretty, teal, clean drawers just screaming out for paint!

My neighbor (gosh I just love him) bought me this paint from his work. It’s a homemade cocktail for antique white and is oil based. I guess I never realized how messy this type of paint gets but let me tell you it is absolutely fabulous stuff. I started painting the drawers (the fronts, insides and sides) and let the paint dry overnight before I could start adding a second coat.

I really love how clean and textured the antique white looks on the wood. Our teal ceremic cake stand and plates combined with pink and white treats and vintage knobs will look so splendid together. I am starting to really see this whole look come together and it feels really good! I bet you wanna see the finished drawers now don’t you?
But you will have to stay tuned for photos of the revamped drawers :) I promise it’s worth the wait since next weekend I am taking a trip to Canada’s largest wallpaper warehouse to add a little more sass to this thing! And I hope everyone is enjoying these last few weeks of August. Oh my gosh where does the time go? I have just weeks left to finish lots and lots of crafts and wedding related things. What a crazy time! Take some time to yourselves lovelies! xoxo
Here’s Part I
Here’s Part III
And here’s the Final Product from our Wedding Day.