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Our Engagement PhotosSeptember 8, 2010
They’re here they’re here they’re here! And words cannot describe how incredibly amazing out engagement photos turned out. I had no doubts that Amanda and Kyle Wilcher would do such a divine job of capturing Apb and I’s love and well the proof is in the photos. Thank you Amanda and Kyle for your gift of capturing such magic. We love our photos and you two! Can’t wait for the big day :) Enjoy looking at our photos blogettes and stay tuned for the rest of our two-day shoot! xo

We started the day out at Navy Pier but unfortunately torrential Hurricane Katrina style winds and rain literally prevented us from heading outside to get some shots. We did however get this amazing photo during a break from the storm and it ended up being one of my total faves. I remember whispering things to APB here like why are all these people staring at us? Perhaps it’s the giant bunch of balloons perfectly matching my outfit, no? :)

So thanks to the rain we prolonged my stay in Chicago and woke up at 4 am on Sunday to catch some dreamy light downtown. And thank goodness for that because Amanda and Kyle captured some fabulous shots that I am honestly in awe over. We came across this yellow staircase and thought it would be quite appropriate. And you should have seen Amanda on Kyle’s shoulders shooting the arrow shot. Eeep! Love it.
This photo takes my breath away. From Apb’s expression to the backdrop of the city which is so magical looking it almost looks fake, to our hug – it’s perfect. And then Amanda went one step further and copy and pasted some excerpts from a blog post I dedicated to Andrew almost a year ago. She is so sweet. Love is sweet! I cried a bit when I first saw this photo (to read the little blurb better head over to the post on Amanda’s blog).
After some windy shots by the lake we did a quick outfit change (well I did – stay tuned for more photos including Apb’s final outfit change) and headed over to the park where the Taste of Chicago is held. We did some playful shots here and had a complete blast trying to make sure my dress didn’t fly up; oh and poor Amanda was covered in goose poop. Sigh. I like to think it was totally worth it for these…

In case you wondering, I used to be a gymnast. I competed all the way through University so naturally we had to get some sort of acrobatics in a few of the shots. I love that shot of me jumping in the air while Apb looks on so nonchalantly; the only downside was trying to get my silly dress to stay down. My Mom wants a copy of that photo to hang on her wall :) I adore it! Enjoy the rest of your day lovelies and stay tuned for more photos once we get the disk! You can check out the rest of Amanda’s photo yumminess over on her blog. Do check it out. You will fall in love xo  



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