October 2010

Wedding Cake

I have to admit my lovelies, our wedding cake was probably one of the best investments we made and by far one of the loveliest details of Apb and I’s big day. When I picked the cake up the morning before the wedding, I think I may have squealed like a little kid in a candy store […]

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Our Wedding Day, From the Groom

When my new wife asked me to write my personal perspective on our wedding day for her I was curious as to why. Yet, quickly I found out that this would end up being a part of her amazing blog. While I don’t claim to be a blogger, designer or even a very creative person, […]

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Head First.

Diving that is. Diving head first into something that has felt so right for so long. This week I finally did it and bought the certified rights to the domain name www.heygorgeousevents.com. And I have started my journey into the wedding planning industry, destined to be the rad-est, most unique, hardest working chic slash coordinator […]

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Our Wedding Day, From the Bride

A funny thing happened. Apb and I got married. And here it comes…hold on tight everyone… It wasn’t perfect. Feeling a little bit sick to my stomach, I spent many days after the wedding thinking about how September 24th could have been anything except perfection and have spent almost every single day since then thinking […]

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