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Head First.October 15, 2010
Diving that is. Diving head first into something that has felt so right for so long. This week I finally did it and bought the certified rights to the domain name And I have started my journey into the wedding planning industry, destined to be the rad-est, most unique, hardest working chic slash coordinator any bride-to-be would ever want and need. I have a shoot in the works right now too. And some lovely and very talented vendors willing to work with me to make my visions come to reality. I also have a few potential clients and this makes me incredibly excited. Oh and the website which will live at the above listed domain, is 65% done. I am really quite excited to finally get it up online and live for all to see.
I read an article on the top 5 things elderly people wish they would have done differently in their lives. And one common response was that most people would have taken more chances; they would have done what made them happy mainly in their professional lives rather than working in pointless jobs that simply filled their days with meaningless work. They essentially, would have gone for their dreams and made those dreams into their reality. So here goes nothing…
And because our wedding photographer is so amazing (and pretty cute too) she was kind enough to send me a detail shot form our big day, just for the purpose of this post; thank you tons Mrs. Wilcher! I guess you could say I love this photo because it represents everything I’d want my business to represent. Heavenly goodness, a bit of glam and a whole lotta love. 
In case you’re wondering, I loved my bouquet of ivory garden roses, cream vandellas and white ranunculus hand tied with two giant black lace bows. The vintage hummingbird pin was a special touch in memory of my best friend, my Grandma who thankfully was there all day with us in spirit. And my gray nails, were my way of giving traditionalism (and white tips) a big punch in the face. Standing out is so beautiful. Happy Friday my lovelies. Without you all I couldn’t be the inspired woman I am today. Keep dreaming big xo



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