A funny thing happened. Apb and I got married. And here it comes…hold on tight everyone…
It wasn’t perfect. Feeling a little bit sick to my stomach, I spent many days after the wedding thinking about how September 24th could have been anything except perfection and have spent almost every single day since then thinking of how I could break the news to all of you who have waited so patiently to hear all about it. So I did some soul searching. I made a few lists. I talked with some girlfriends. I tried real hard to be realistic about my expectations. I had a few heart to hearts with my husband and here’s what I came up with.
Our wedding, in a nutshell, was real. Very far from perfect, but very real and so ‘Apb and Rbs’ and that’s what made our wedding day so special. Our ceremony ended up getting moved indoors because of the intense rain and wind that day. But as a result ended up being extremely intimate, so cozy and reading Apb a culmination of my feelings over the past five years as we stood in front of a blazing fireplace was so magical. Nothing can quite describe the way you feel during your wedding ceremony. Our food wasn’t five star dining. It actually ended up being quite different than the options we had taste tested and I felt terrible when the meal was placed down in front of me. It was like our food wasn’t good enough for our guests. Yet everyone raved about the food and 98.75% of everyone’s plates were wiped clean. My Dessert Dresser was no Sweet and Saucy or Amy Atlas creation but seeing our guests hunched over the jars of goodies, making sure to fill up their little homemade Thank You bags really made me smile as I thought back to the countless nights I spent cleaning and painting that old thing.
And the list goes on and on and on. I didn’t love my hair. I could have lost about five pounds to really feel my best that day. I could have done this or that differently to make everything ‘better.’ To make our wedding suitable to meet all of your expectations because after all I have been blogging about one single day for close to a year now. I could have made the ‘wedding’ more blog-worthy, more vintage, more pretty. Not only did I have a vision of how I expected things to turn out, but you too have visions that I am sure are still floating around in your head; at least until I share some photos and recaps.
In reality, at the end of the day, most of these things don’t matter. Because I have a marriage. And a best friend who loves me and would “fly to the moon and back while waiting 20 years for me” if he had to. I’ve said it before and not as an excuse to fall back on if things didn’t go as planned, but that to me, is the true beauty and excitement that represents a wedding and ultimately a marriage. And that’s exactly what we got. The dresses (yes I had two), the flowers, the cake, the dinner, the Dessert Dresser, the little perfectly wrapped vellum table numbers; all that stuff is fluff. Kind of pretty fluff, but nevertheless things that mean nothing in the grand scheme of wedding things. Could I have done better? Yes. Do I wish I would have? Absolutely not. Because our day was just that. Completely and perfectly ours.

Our professional photos won’t be ready for another few weeks and I refuse to share anything but until then (can you believe I lost my camera battery two days before the wedding? Yes, I cried over it and yes I am oh-so-sorry I didn’t get any of my own photos from the big day). But I promise each and every one of you that I will do a complete and in depth recap of every wedding day element from the florals and the decor to the dresses, Dessert Dresser, our ceremony and cake once I get all of the proofs back. For now, here is a teaser from Amanda and I love it. I love my husband. I love love, I love us. Oh and I have an announcement. Perhaps I shall share with you on this Friday? xo