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Our Wedding Day, From the GroomOctober 17, 2010
When my new wife asked me to write my personal perspective on our wedding day for her I was curious as to why. Yet, quickly I found out that this would end up being a part of her amazing blog. While I don’t claim to be a blogger, designer or even a very creative person, one of the reasons I love Rhiannon is because she is my missing half. Divulging from the traditional ‘man-view’ of weddings I’d love to share my true feelings on our wedding.
When we first started our adventure into wedding planning, I told Rhiannon there was only one thing I wanted control of and that was the food. I understand approximately 99% of the people who read this blog are women, and I can reassure you that it’s next to impossible for a man to get excited about the little things during the wedding planning process. And that’s why I left most of the planning up to Rhiannon and thank goodness I did because I can’t even imagine what our big day would have looked like had I of been the one making all of the decisions.
Sure, I agree with Rhiannon. Not everything was perfect. But I couldn’t have imagined our wedding being anything better, especially considering out budget and available resources. When I first arrived at our venue with all of my friends, the first thing I wanted to see was the dining room as this was the center point of my wife’s hard work. I can remember walking up the stairs and as soon as I turned to the right, I noticed our candy bar. Considering how much web searching Rhiannon does you can imagine I’ve seen my fair share of candy buffets. Yet in my opinion ours was the absolute best. It wasn’t the largest, and it didn’t have the most expensive treats, but it was us and it was perfect.
I walked into the dining room with one of my groomsmen where we both stood in awe of the perfect table settings and flowers. I can admit I’m not a flower kind of guy and when my wife asks me if I like a certain kind of flower, I tend to just say “Yes babe they are beautiful,” even though I have no idea what she’s talking about (sorry Tiny!). But I can confidently say I thought the flower selection and arrangements were just perfect.
As you heard, the food that we were provided was different than what we originally tasted. But I am proud to say that most people finished each and every last bite and that included my Dad who informed me after the dinner that the chicken was ‘kick a**!’. One of my fave parts of our dinner service was actually the dessert; a rich chocolate mousse covered in chocolate and finished with a raspberry sauce that I honestly could have eaten two or three of. And we still had our amazing cake to eat after that!
Everything that night seemed to blend together. I wish we could have slowed things down to fully enjoy every last minute. Except looking back on the entire night, I am so proud of my wife’s hard work and dedication to everything. Sure it rained a bit, Rhiannon was kind of stressed out the morning of, she lost her camera battery that day, we left a few things to the last minute, and some of my friends got a tad out of hand thanks to the numerous rounds of shots at the bar, but in the end I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Because in the words of my beautiful new wife our day was ‘completely and perfectly ours.’
In case you’re wondering, the best part of the entire day was our first look. Being able to see my wife dressed up in her beautiful gown will always stay with me as one of the most special and beautiful moments of my life. You rocked that gown babe and may I say you looked out of this world. I love you.

Could I get any luckier? I am entirely blessed to have married the guy who wrote the above for obvious reasons. And just to keep you on the edge of your seat, above is a photo from Amanda of our first kiss as husband and wife. A moment in time I will never ever let escape my mind. Love you more than words xo



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