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Wedding CakeOctober 19, 2010

I have to admit my lovelies, our wedding cake was probably one of the best investments we made and by far one of the loveliest details of Apb and I’s big day. When I picked the cake up the morning before the wedding, I think I may have squealed like a little kid in a candy store when I laid eyes on it. I was kind of like my cake dreams and sugar fantasies had been brought to life as Olivia of I Do Wedding Cakes went above and beyond to create the  most beautiful cake for us with a price tag that was absolutely amazing and well within our budget ($250 for the above masterpiece, oh happy day! Be sure to check out Olivia’s I Do Collection, a phenom selection of gorgeous designs with set prices any couple can afford). Originally we had decided on a pale pink fondant to cover the entire 3-tiered cake, yet after considering how it would look on our blue ceramic cake stand, settled on an off white shade instead. Thank goodness; it was truly perfect (thank you for the photo Amanda :)
Inside the bottom layer was a Lemon Truffle flavoured cake. Layers of velvety rich butter vanilla cake with a lemon filling and creamy buttercream. Never have I tasted such incredible cake before in my life and this is coming from a girl who loves cake like a fat kid. The top tiers were Chocolate Ganache flavoured; layers of rich chocolate cake sandwiched between a creamy and oh so delectable chocolate ganache and buttercream. The delicate and very real looking sugar roses were truly works of art as was the extremely detailed piping design along the base of each tier. Olivia, you are a rock star. My mom and I to this day, sneak a little piece of cake out of the freezer when we’re in the need for a little sweetness. And in case you’re wondering I will 100% recommend I Do Wedding Cakes to any of my future brides :) Cake on bloggettes!



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