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Love IllustratedNovember 22, 2010
Ever since I first laid eyes on one of Jaymie’s Love Illustrated drawings I knew I just had to have one. I wasted no time in getting in contact with Jaymie and thankgoodness I did. I am in lurve with how our illustration turned out and get all warm and fuzzy inside every time I look at it :) From Andrew’s love of boats, golf and cooking to my love of baking, blogging and photography (oh and how dare I forget those rocking Loubouts’) and then of course our soon to be dog who we have already dubbed ‘Wolfie’ well this little piece of art is so us and so lovely. Jaymie even put a little sparkle on the cupcake frosting and the balloons, which are also from one of our engagement photos. I am planning on getting the piece matted and custom framed so I can proudly hand it over to my new husband on our first Christmas together.
To check out more of Jaymie’s Love Illustrated series check out Oh, My Darling, one of my favourite daily reads. Jaymie was such a doll to work with and even redid the original illustration when I felt a bit unsure about my hair. I highly recommend Jaymie’s work and am anxiously awaiting a second illustration she is creating of my Mum and Dad so I can gift them with their Love Illustrated at Christmas. How would you Illustrate your Love? Happy Monday my blogettes! xo



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