A sweet blog reader e-mailed me the other day asking for some help. Her best friend was getting married in just one week and she needed help finding inspiration for her ‘Something Blue.’ Immediately, lots of lovely ideas popped into my head so I quickly typed them up of to send back. Within a few days I had a response back from said sweet girl, who was so thankful for my e-mail and ideas and surely would be passing them on the her bride-to-be bff. She also had a request for me and it was that I share those ideas here on my blog so that other gorgeous gals could use em for their own inspiration. Now why didn’t I think of that? Here it is Jess. And thank you for your smart idea!
• a blue satin bow tied around the bride’s leg for a simple yet very pretty alternative to the garter
• a small blue bow sewn into the bottom of the bride’s dress, train or in next to the gown’s tag
• a vintage blue-hued pin or clip fastened to her bouquet, or even better an adorning satin bow around the stems
• a cute pair of blue lace undies or a white pair with a sewn in blue bow on the back seam
 • a pair of blue earrings, a pearl bracelet with a blue bow tied around the clasp or a blue feathered hair clip
• take a pretty piece of blue vintage fabric and craft your own festive hankerchief
• search vintage stores, websites and etsy to find a beautiful blue clutch to carry around all day
• rock a pretty pair of blue heels under your gown or glue/sew on your own bows with pretty pearl accents
• my fave; rock a pretty blue cocktail dress at the reception and use that as your something blue
For my ‘Something Blue’ I actually had a custom garter made from Lo at LoBoheme. It was a vintage ivory coloured garter with a pale blue velvet ribbon around the center and a cushion cut diamond broach attached to the center. It was gorgeous and actually fell off my leg halfway through the night dancing! Needless to say, that thing wasn’t going home with anyone except me that night :) I’d love to know what you used as your ‘Something Blue’ my lovelies! Happy Sunday to you all xo