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MovedDecember 29, 2010
A ship in a harbour is safe, but that’s not why ships are built – Unknown, photo via.
Please excuse my lack of blogging over the past few days and my continued lack of posts over the next few as well. It’s just that I’ve recently packed up the majority of my life in Canada (including my Siamese kitty of 12 years, Yurchenko) and made the ten hour drive to the Windy City to finally be with my husband. We’ve spent the last two years living this way, saying tearful goodbyes in airports, making plans for when we’d see one another next and counting down the days until it would all be over and well, here we are. As I carefully peek over my laptop screen I am greeted with a rather overwhelming pile of garbage bags of clothes, wedding presents we have yet to enjoy together (new plates and towels? yes please), Christmas presents and mere ‘things’ that all need to find their own spot in our little home. Not one to enjoy clutter you know I’ll be doing my best in the coming days to make this place as cozy and tidy as possible while trying my best to soak it all in that finally, Apb and I get to actually be newlyweds.
I can’t wait to share with you so many exciting things, like my plans for my new life in the city, my Hey Gorgeous Events website that is almost completely finished (just waiting on the disk of our wedding images so I can add in some of the detail shots), my new blog design being installed at the end of January, photos of our cozy little apartment once it’s all decorated and spruced up and of course recaps and pictures from our big day (I know I feel terrible it’s been over three months and I have not much to show from our wedding) but for now enjoy the rest of your holidays everyone and I promise I will back soon with some goodies. Oh, and for all of my blogging buds out there, anyone living in Chicago, down for lunch? :)



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