I’ve been told time and time again that one of my weaknesses is my lack of self-confidence. It’s not that I don’t believe in myself, nor do I think I have limited potential in the things that I pursue. It’s just that sometimes I fear the unknown, the pitfalls, the what ifs. Simply put, I am downright terrified of letting others down and having them think poorly of me, my talents and my work. Naturally, it’s often a battle for me to charge head first into something even if in my heart everything fits so perfectly together.
Today was my first Inspiration Shoot ever (eeep!) and from the photos I have seen so far, I am just so darn proud of myself and the incredible team of ladies who helped pull it all together. Considering we had a model cancellation last minute, a snow storm to navigate through both in load up last night and set up today, a parking ticket, mini car accident and a few forgotten items, I think it’s safe to say we rocked this shoot. And I mean rocked it. I felt like I was walking on clouds when Beth sent me some teaser photos. And I can surely say now that my confidence levels are a tad higher than they were last night. 
Thank you to my fantastic team of vendors who contributed their talents, services and work to today’s shoot. I can’t wait to put together more on each one of you individually in the full reveal (and submission to one of my fave wedding blogs!) but for now a sneak peak of the gorgeousness that was our day, will hopefully make your Monday so much sweeter. This girl is going to bed tonight very tired but oh so much more confident in herself. Thank heavens for that!
Dreamy bouquet, heart-shaped pin, gorgeous model, handmade hair piece, crafted backdrop; yes please. Hang tight for more! xo