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Colours of the CaribbeanJanuary 17, 2011
We are finally back! And who knew home could feel so lovely? While I try to find a sort of balance on solid ground, and cure myself of the massive sunburn I acquired in the Barbados sun, here are some of my favourite images from our week long adventure. I have to admit while a small break from the Internet and the blog was a nice little way to rest my mind and soul, I’ve been dying to get back into the swing of things with regular scheduled prettiness and visits to all of your blogs. Oh and each and every one of your comments on my farewell post last week put a ginormous smile on my face when I arrived home tonight :)
From island tours of Tortola which included trolley rides up some of the steepest hills I’ve ever seen, handstands on the prettiest beaches in Antigua, zip lining through the incredible rain forest in St. Lucia and feeding wild monkeys fresh sliced bananas out of the palm of my hand in Barbados, it’s safe to say we had some unforgettable experiences over the last week. Even more special was doing most of these things with Apb, my parents, grandpa and hometown neighbors; the 10 of us had a blast. Not only did we snap hundreds of photos but we brought along a mini camcorder to catch all of the action too; I cannot wait to share some fun clips with you guys! Sweet dreams loves and heres to an amazing week ahead of us, full of great things xo



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