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DIY Stir Stick FlagsJanuary 6, 2011

This past summer I scoured websites and blogs determined to find cute little stir sticks or straws I could buy for the wedding. I really wanted guests to have something cute to stir and or drink their cocktails with and originally settled on this idea. Yet, this didn’t seem like the most cost-effective idea and considering this girl has a budget to stick to, set out to find something a little different. Apb ended up getting me my straws (which I still have a lot left of thank goodness. I cannot wait to use these at cocktail parties!) but I never did find stir sticks that I loved both in style and price. So off to the Dollar Store I went and I returned home with a pack of 200 wooden coffee stir sticks, a page of pink Bristol board, a glue stick and a little imagination. 
To make the stir stick flags I cut out an approximately 6 inch long, 1 inch wide strip of Bristol board. I then folded the strip in half over a stir stick making sure to glue the insides of the paper strip so the folded pieces stuck together. Then I cut a triangle out of the end to give the piece of paper it’s distinctive flag shape. I wrote a variety of phrases on each of the flags like “Eat, Drink and Be Married,” “La La La Love” and “Add Me To Your Drink.” I put the stir sticks in with the gray and white straws and voila! Instant cuteness to our bar area. I loved seeing all of my girlfriends walking around with little pink flags in their glasses! Thank you to Amanda for the lovely photos too! What fun and affordable ideas have any of you lovelies thought of or used for personalizing your own wedding?



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