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FAQ Friday; and Setting GoalsJanuary 28, 2011
I started off the new year with not so much a resolution to look or feel better, but instead the motivation to be better, in everything I do in my life. I want to blog better, be a better wife, love better, get better at going to the gym and flossing my teeth. I want to sleep better, write better, be better at my business, be a better daughter, sister, neighbor and friend. I want to be real, I want my life to feel real, I want to feel every little ounce of my being at a heightened sense of awareness and emotion because life truly is beautiful. I also told myself that 2011 was the year to be fearless. To try new things without the worry of a negative outcome or the possibility of me looking like a ginormous goof (you should see me run at the gym, two words; hot mess).
Yesterday I announced my plans to do a new Friday series here at Hey Gorg and while I wasn’t sure if  a consistent series would be beneficial for me or rather, interesting for you as my readers, I decided to just go for it which brings me to introduce to you FAQ Fridays. For this to work, I’d love to have anyone submit to me, questions that I can then use as the basis for my Friday posts. The questions can be about blogging, design, weddings, relationships, me, my life, choices I’ve made, your life, food or anything else you have in mind like a topic that people can then discuss in the comments section. I am honestly open to anything and really hope these Friday posts will be something that people can benefit from, find interest in and build new relationships off of by discovering new bloggers just like them. You can send questions directly to my e-mail address rhiannonbandascott {at} gmail {dot} com or enter them in the contact form which can be found by clicking on the contact link above.
And here’s a little something to leave you feeling inspired because it sure hit close to home for me. Check out this beautiful bride’s story here where you can also catch more of the gorgeous wedding day images by Boyfriend/Girlfriend Photography. Trust me you don’t want to miss this one!
Happy Friday guys! Thank you for being such a supportive community of incredible blogging friends!



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