When a bride-to-be happens to be super cute, super fabulous and super talented, I can’t help but squeal with delight when she sends me the most adorable project ever. There’s no doubt a whole lot of thought goes into proposals these days. But how often do newly engaged chicks really consider how they’ll ask their gal pals to serve as bridesmaids? After you check out this clever tutorial you be sure to rethink how you plan on asking your girls to stand next to you on the biggest day of your life. Don’t forget to head on over to Emilee’s blog and etsy shop where I’m pretty positive you’ll find something to swoon over.
{What You’ll Need}
wooden spool
alphabet stamps
an ink pad
fabric and/or trim
lace and/or glue
any packaging supplies you’d like
{Step 1} Cut your fabric or trim so that the width is just smaller than your wooden spool. You can make it just long enough for your message or longer – I did mine a bit longer to wrap around the spool a little extra.
{Step 2} Stamp out the words “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” or “Will You Be My Maid of Honour?” on the fabric strip using your alphabet stamps and ink. 
{Step 3} You can use either a piece of tape or a dot of glue to attach your stamped fabric to the spool. Start at the right side (where your message ends) and roll so that when you unroll the fabric your message is revealed.
{Step 4} Once your fabric is all wrapped up you can tie it closed with ribbon or string or lace and add any extra touches you want! Here’s how the final product turned out. Would you not squeal with delight if this little creation was handed to you? I absolutely love it! How did you ask your friends to serve as bridesmaids?