{The Question} What are your thoughts on online RSVPs versus traditional response cards?
Happy Friday guys and a giant hug to the blogging world for sending me over so many fabulous questions last week. I received a ton about weddings, my life, relationships, projects and so much more. I can’t wait to answer then over the next few months to hopefully share some insight with you while hearing your answers to the same discussions. Today I wanted to address the question of traditional RSVPs version a more modern online system of having your guests submit whether or not they will attend your wedding. The always fabulous Blair at Wild and Precious sent me this and I immediately loved this question since I too, struggled with this issue prior to picking out our invitations. via
{Traditional RSVPs} Please don’t think I’m assuming you don’t know what the heck a response card is but traditionally couples include a separate piece of paper with their invitation suite to serve as the rsvp card for guests. Guests can then check off if they can or cannot make the event, how many people will be attending and in some cases can check off their meal choices (chicken or beef, as an example). Guests then slip the card into an included, addressed and stamped envelope that gets mailed back to the couple-to-be so they can construct their official guest list. The fun part, in my opinion, of having a traditional response card is the endless possibilities for designing your response cards and really infusing personal touches to this part of your invitation suite. For wording help you can visit this page here where they have some helpful hints for couples looking to create their response cards. And for a rad selection of unique and beauty-ful invites and save the dates, check out Oh So Beautiful Paper. Gosh I adore this site!
{Online RSVPs} I’m a huge fan of using modern day technology to either save money and.or make your life easier. Which is exactly why Andrew and I skipped traditional RSVP cards and instead used my personal e-mail address to keep track of guests who could and couldn’t come. We included a line at the bottom of our invite that asked guest to please RSVP by a requested date to a my e-mail address. Since we didn’t need the extra envelopes, postage and hassle of having our guests take a trek to the post office we saved, in our minds, a bit of money and a lot of stress. My favourite part of this system was having really sweet e-mail dialect with guests who would not only e-mail me to confirm their attendance at our big day, but would chat with me about my excitement for the wedding day, tell me how much they were looking forward to their weekend in Canada and so forth. The e-mailing system also allowed guests to let me know their attendance while asking me any questions they had about travel, accommodations, wedding attire, etc. It was really exciting for us in the two months prior to our wedding to see the e-mails come rolling in. You can see the post I wrote on our invitations along with photos here.
What about you guys? Are you for the traditional route of response cards or a more modern spin on things?