Andrew and I decided to do a first look. Although we never really discussed making this decision we just sort of fit it into our timeline that day. My thoughts were not only will a first look provide our photographer with a chance to get some photos of just the two of us, but having that time alone with Andrew would be unforgettable, meaningful and special all neatly bundled up into one pretty package; and it was. I request for him to have my bouquet in hand so when he turned around we could trade off and I could gift him with a custom engraved watch I had purchased for him as a surprise wedding gift. As I tiptoed up to him on the terrace of our venue, I felt a type of nervousness, excitement and quietness in my heart and belly that I’m not sure I have ever felt before. I knew all of our guests were inside peering out the various windows and doors anxiously awaiting Andrew’s expression once he turned around, but the experience of seeing my groom for the first time that day is complete indescribable. Funny enough, as soon as Andrew turned around all I remember saying is “Hi” in a really low whisper, like I was afraid someone would hear us and impose in on our private little moment. As if projecting my voice any louder would make the moment seem any less perfect than it was. For the first few minutes we stood there unable to look at anything else around us, conversing back in forth in quiet whispers remembering to breath and let it all soak in. I remember shaking a little too. Shaking with anticipation as I told myself over and over again, ‘This is your wedding day!’ And just like that I knew I was the luckiest girl alive.
Stay tuned for Part II this afternoon!