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Our First Look {Part II}February 22, 2011

These series of First Look photos are some of my favourtites from our wedding day. When our gallery of images was first posted online, I skimmed through the hundreds of proofs anxiously clicking through each page trying to soak it all in. Because of the size of the thumbnails, I was never really able to see the expressions and detail captured in each and every photo. Yet, when I took the time to really look through each image individually, and when I was able to study our facial expressions through each experience on that day, I could see how much emotion was in each shot. Seeing Andrew and I’s expressions upon seeing one another for the first time, watching our expressions change throughout the entire experience, and seeing his expression when he opened his gift are truly so special to me. I’ve seen that face below only a few times in the five plus years I’ve known this man and I have to say I love it. Surprising and giving Andrew things to show him how much he means to me is one of my favourite things to do.

P.S. For anyone who is wondering, seeing Andrew before the ceremony did not take away from the excitement and experience of ‘walking down the aisle’ towards him. In actuality, if anything the first look helped me turn any feelings of nervousness and anxiousness from the whirlwind of that day into a complete sense of excitement that simply radiated from me as my Dad and I walked down the aisle. A lot of brides fear first looks as they think it will take away from that life changing experience when you start your walk. I can promise you that’s not the case but to be fair, first looks aren’t for everyone and I understand that. I just wanted to explain my personal experience!

What about you guys? Are you for or against the idea of a first look? Here is Part I of our First Look!



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