I really wanted to have a vintage vibe to our wedding and throughout the majority of the planning process did my best to stick to this vision. Yet, now that I’ve looked back on our photos I’m not sure if the whole vintage theme really fits the description of our day. To be honest, I’m not sure what description does. We had so many vintage colours incorporated into our day like pale greens, muted blues, soft oranges and dusty pinks. We had our fair share of weathered wood, framed chalkboards, lace and mason jars decorating our venue. But we also had bow ties, tuxes, a little sparkle, a little sass and a lot of sophistication. Essentially we had wedding style that sort of evolved into its own. If you had to classify our wedding into a category what would you go with? I’d love some suggestions!
Our programs from the ever-so-fabulous Michelle at Papertalk Press, sat in a teal crate my Mom keeps her magazines in at home. An old shutter I scored, was spray painted white and included a sign letting the ladies know that yes indeed there were flip flops for their tired dancing feet. The girls loved it – and me – for thinking of them and every single pair was gone before the dancing even started. The pink drink flags were the result of a quick DIY craft night and tied in with the gray and white straws which gave guests a couple different ways to “Drink in Style” as I liked to call it. The desk drawer I scored for 50 cents at a reuse center was painted by yours truly, re-knobbed and served as the official flip flop carrier.
You may remember this project and you may have also seen it on Ruffled’s blog. I adored our seating chart and know that our guests thought it was a pretty nontraditional way of letting them know what table they were sitting at. Creating this structure and hand writing all of the shipping labels truly was a labour of love and team effort between my sweet neighbor Matt and I, but well worth the effort. Below is our signature drink sign written on one of the framed chalkboards I made. Mine was called the Perfect 10 and was a peachy concoction garnished with a candy peach ring. I scored a perfect 10.0 in college my senior year on the gymnastics team, hence the name for my drink. Andrew’s drink was called The 19th Hole and was a mint flavoured champagne drink. Andrew has a deep passion and love for golf as does his Dad, which is how he created the name for his. 
When guests arrived to the ceremony location they were greeted with the above sign sitting on a Secretaries desk that I had painted and finished in a vintage white wash. In addition to to the teal crate of programs for them to take, we had a jar of pin buttons available for all of our guests, that read Team Bride and Team Groom. It was tons of fun seeing what button every guest decided to wear but I have to admit there were far more Team Groom buttons left in the jar at the end of the night :)
Instead of a traditional guest book we wanted something we could display in our home and always be able to easily look at. We had one of our favourite engagement photos made into a canvas and then had guests sign the canvas with words or encouragement and love. It now serves as the main focal point on our living room wall and beside it is the framed Love Illustrated artwork I gave to Apb for Christmas. If I ever had to save anything from our home, I’d go for the canvas first. It’s incredibly special to us both. Here’s a shot of the signed canvas as it sits in our little apartment now. Right along my ‘popped up’ leg is my Mom’s note to Apb and I and it reads “So proud to call you both mine. Love Mom” I heart that so much and I’d say about once or twice every other day I find myself standing in front of the canvas reading the sweet and kind notes of love.
{The Details}
Shipping Tags – Staples
Girl’s flipflops – Old Navy
Apothecary jars – HomeGoods
Custom canvas – Gallery Direct
Custom Coasters – My Own Labels
Birdcage card holder – Save on Crafts
Gray and White Straws – Can Do Chefs
And just to prove that you can’t possibly do it all yourself: since I foolishly decided to run around all morning setting things up and directing vendors where to go, I actually forgot, to put Sharpie pens in the milk glass vases (in case your wondering why the two vases are sitting there empty). It wasn’t until after the ceremony that my sweet Dad told me the pens weren’t there and guests were wondering what to use to leave a note! Thankfully he went to my car for me to get the pens so guests could start signing away. 
Stay tuned for so many more posts like part II of our wedding details, the recap on our Dessert Dresser, all of the yummy bridal party portraits and of course the recap from our reception. Oh and if you haven’t already won’t you please please please vote for this little blog over at The Lovelies? I truly appreciate everyone’s unwavering support and love and big hugs to all of you who have stood behind me. Also, I just wanted to let you all know that I’ve absolutely adored sharing our wedding with you this week as it’s made me feel like I’ve gotten to celebrate a second wedding this time with all of my blog readers as the guest list. Hopefully all of the RBS+APB wedding overload has been somewhat enjoyable and useful for both the married, engaged and pretty-obsessed friends out there. Much love xo