Click here. And if you haven’t already done so, you’ll find the first post I ever wrote as a blogger nearly two years ago. It’s humbling and refreshing to often check back to where I came from, to see how I’ve evolved into the woman I am, to see how my writing, passions, blogging style and personality has changed in more ways than one, for the better. I’ve experienced a handful of the typical bouts that bloggers go through. I’ve wanted to click on the ‘delete’ button and pretend I was better off without the whole blogging thing to begin with. A been there, done that sort of approach. I’ve felt intense disappointment, deep confusion and a slight sense of sadness, when I’ve lost a follower, failed to reach a specific set number of comments or posted content that seemed less than exciting or worthy of your time. I’ve sat for hours and hours typing until my fingers have literally spasmed up, trying to make it around to every single commentors blog to return the favour. I’ve breezed through more designs and headers than I can even count on one hand and even switched the title, domain and content of this blog just last Christmas. I’ve struggled with my online identity, my place in the online social circle and the purpose, my personal purpose, behind putting so much time, effort, and heart into this little dot com I call home.
I know I’m not every bloggers cup of tea. I rarely talk about fashion or post Polaroid photos of weekend adventures with my girlfriends. I blog a lot of text-heavy posts and am not afraid to share my feelings, some feelings that some people tend to shy away from because they’re not always easy to respond or relate to. I can’t say I don’t love comments and new followers because the sense that any blogger gets from knowing that someone out there is reading what they have to say, is one of the many sparks that lights the fire under the behinds of us busy little bloggers. We blog because we want to be heard, we blog because we have something to share, say or sing about. I blog for these reasons. And so many others that I couldn’t possibly fit into this one post.
I have to say I owe a lot to Blair, one of my closest online friends for her insightful wisdom, loyal friendship and ability to bring my mind and efforts back to a place where they belong. Last week, prompted by my feelings of inadequacy as a blogger, I went to her for support. As usual she went above and beyond to put a smile back on my face which also prompted a new About Me section that better represents who I am. I don’t wake up at 7:00 am to head to my office and day job only to return home at the end of the work day to my laptop to check in with my blog. This blog is not only an extension to my business, my brand and my personality but it’s essentially a huge part of my life, my work and my purpose. Without it I probably wouldn’t have ever even discovered my passion and who knows what newsroom I’d be stuck in, pursuing some sort of path that’s way off track from the dream I know I’m now following.

Today, whatever you’re feeling, whatever you’re blogging about, whatever lights your fire, whatever your passion is, whatever makes your heart so sing so loud you feel like dancing around in circles, make sure it’s good and it’s right and it’s pure and that it makes you happy. Because without happiness, life couldn’t possibly be as rewarding, fulfilling and fun as the version I’m living right now. Be passionate, be real, and be nothing except you. Everyone else is taken.
To another fabulous friend and inspiration, Beth Kaye who has instilled in me, an endless amount of courage and motivation to not only go after my dreams and goals but to let me feel beautiful when I most needed it, thank you. This girl is doing big things, people. I am so honoured to have her as a friend, business partner and peer to share some of my exciting news with next week xo