I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been a little saddened by the devastation and destruction that has spread across Japan this week. Hearts are heavy, too many lives have been lost and the destruction so immense it will take months and potentially years to rebuild what was once a thriving and colourful country. Thankfully, the troops have been rallied, the blogging world has united together and that my friends is the silver lining to this massive gray cloud. For Japan, With Love has been created out of the hearts of Lucia from Utterly Engaged and Lydia from Ever Ours and you too can do your part to help. And if you are a blogger, please join the blogging community by participating in tomorrow’s bloggers day of silence. Regardless of your financial situation, if each of us can do our itty bitty part it’s amazing how much of a difference we can truly make. Here are even more ways to get involved and help.