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Friday Wrap UpMarch 4, 2011
Another week has flown by and I can hardly believe it’s March already. I have to work until late tonight, but this weekend Andrew and I are off to Michigan to look at new homes; because big announcement here but at the end of March, we are moving to Grand Rapids, Michigan! While it’s going to be a bittersweet transition leaving the place that started to feel like home here in Chicago it’ll be nice to move somewhere closer to home where my business can continue to grow and where opportunities for the hubs can continue to flourish. I’m also overly excited to get my own office space (can you believe I don’t even have a desk right now?), a spare bedroom for friends to stay in when they visit and maybe, just maybe a balcony for some cute patio furniture. It’s the little things in life right friends? I’ll be sure to let you know what we find sometime soon, eeep! Photo via Kiss the Groom.
And in case you missed anything here this week:
{Monday} I shared this little gem of a project. And this one too. Two DIYs in one day? Yes please.
{Tuesday} This rad DIY Oregon wedding by Nate Broshot is proof rainy wedding days are magical.
{Pep-Talk} This week’s Pep-Talk Tuesday was rather controversial. And it took lots of courage to write.
{Wednesday} We got married. And we had a lovely dinner. And then we danced. And I fell in love.
{Thursday} The prettiest bouquets I have ever seen in my life. And I’ve seen a lot of pretty bouquets.
{FAQ Friday} For all of you lost newly-engaged folk, this week’s FAQ post may be helpful. Just sayin.
Anyone have big plans this weekend? Please do share, and lots of love to all of you guys xo



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