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Friday Wrap UpMarch 11, 2011
Hello Friday. It is so nice of you to show your pretty face. I, on the other hand, was an irresponsible blogger yesterday and blogged one too many posts. Today I am paying the consequences and am now suffering a mild posting hangover but hey, three blog posts in one day will do that too you. To soothe my pain I think tonight I will make a brie cheese appetizer and a prosciutto and spinach pasta dish for the dinner party I am hosting. Can I get three cheers for a day off tomorrow? And who knows tomorrow I might celebrate a little St. Patricks day when they dye the Chicago river green. And maybe, just maybe, I will blog a little bit next week about the boudoir session I did with the fabulous Beth Kaye, one of my very own best buddies. I did an interview with her on why boudoir photos are so fun and fabulous and why you should do your own session to get classy, tasteful photos like these:

Am I ashamed of my imperfections? Na uh, no way, no how. A la Bruno Mars, I am amazing just the way I am (at least that’s what the sweet hubby says) and a boudoir session will make you feel the same, I pinkie promise. I am off to clean, cook and get my entertaining face on so in the meantime you can check back on all the loveliness that was going on over here this week. It’s been another fabulous week of posts and without you all it wouldn’t have been possible. So thank you and I love you all.
{Monday} The Little White Dress post. You guys loved this. And I love you for it.
{Tuesday} Spring time? How about this Winter Wonderland Wedding. And I swoon.
{Pep-Talk} Personal wedding coordinators versus venue coordinators. Know the dif.
{Wednesday} A little sneak peak into my latest project in the works. So. Very. Excited. 
{Thursday} I shared this gorgeous e-session. And then that same couple’s wedding here.
{FAQ Friday} Read this. Now. And get my take on how to Be a Better Blogger. Amen.



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