After our family and bridal party portraits, Andrew and I headed upstairs to meet our guests for our reception. We didn’t have a fancy grand entrance to a picked out song but instead walked in to cheers and clapping from a room full of 97 of our loved ones. We also skipped seating our wedding party at a head table and instead opted for a sweetheart table. The members of our bridal party sat throughout the rooms with friends and significant others while Andrew and I sat in a position to be able to see each and every person who was there with us that day. As we walked into the room we made our way over to cut our cake while there was a bit of sunlight still streaming through the windows. Cutting our cake was sort of odd, as I kept thinking “Oh my gosh, you’re cutting a wedding cake, Rhi! On your wedding day, in a wedding dress!” I am so silly sometimes.
Funny story, I was so worried that our incredibly perfect cake would fall apart when we cut into it that I told Andrew we had to cut nice and slow to get the most perfect piece. Except the piece we cut was so tiny – like an awkward looking semi triangle – that when we went to serve it onto our plate we couldn’t get it out from the remainder of the tier. Turns out I was trying to serve the piece of cardboard that was in between the top and middle tiers; Andrew had to let me know that the cardboard wasn’t going anywhere and I had to put our server underneath the piece of cake instead. I think our ‘cutting of the cake’ took at least a good seven minutes.
Then when we went in for the customary ‘feeding each other cake’ move, my loving new husband decided he’d try a bite of our cake himself first, and my goodness I was not impressed with that! I think I may have even sneaked a bite myself too just because he sneaked a bite so I would too. Here’s a little series showing what followed next. I love our expressions in the photos!
My Dad said Grace for us, and started it out the same way we’ve done it for years in our home: “Dear Baby Jesus,” and guests couldn’t stop laughing. I just love my Dad so much. Without him our reception wouldn’t have been as touching, heartfelt, sweet and memorable.
We ate dinner, had a little wine (and by little I mean Andrew had a glass and I drank water; since there was no way I was going to risk drinking too much, forgetting anything and feeling yucky in the morning) and we even were able to make it around to each and every table. Andrew started on one side of the room and I on the other and we each went to every one of the 10 tables to greet and chat with our friends and family. I loved being to do that since our cocktail hour was spent taking photos.
Then we enjoyed some toasts and had the pleasure of listening to my Dad’s speech. Which will forever remain as the most special thing he has done for me. It’s was really long and involved multiple props most of which were my childhood stuffed animals. But the kicker was the doll-like-stuffed-toy that was found at the Goodwill by my Mother and turned into a mini replica of Andrew thanks to my Grandpa, Dad and Maria, a family friend, who even found Nike running shoes like the ones Apb wears and a plastic golf club that they attached to the doll as the conclusion to the speech. My Dad – and that doll – stole the show. And I was one very appreciative and happy bride. With a tummy that hurt from laughing. The expression on some of our guests faces were simply priceless.
We also wore these buttons…
And we danced and twirled to Van Morrison’s Into the Mystic.
And then my Dad and I danced. To My Girl by the Temptations. After all I’m his only daughter and was born in the month of May. 
And Andrew and his mom danced too. To Unforgettable, by Nat King Cole. And I fell in love with him all over again. I am such a lucky girl.

What was the best part of your reception?