The Question: How do I incorporate all the elements of a traditional wedding but still make our big day our own?
A sweet twitter friend sent me this question today thanks to my lack or preblogging and all I could think of was why didn’t I think of this? Surely this is one issue so many of us struggle with while planning our dream days. How can we avoid the chandelier clad trees, the cake pop infused sweets tables and the perfectly placed within mason jar stir sticks so we can stand out a little? Not that I don’t enjoy the above mentioned details but hey some people like to be a little, or a lot different. Like the gorgeous above bride who had ghost chairs for her ceremony in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Now that my friends, is thinking outside the box. To date it’s my fave unique detail captured perfectly by Orange Girl Photographs. Here’s my short and sweet take on infusing personality into your day.
{Start Big} Source out unique venues, pick a unique date (like a winter wedding, or a Friday or Sunday party) or opt to have a wedding that strays from the traditional ceremony-cocktail-hour-reception structure. Some options include picnic weddings, stand up cocktail receptions, weekend long get togethers, wedding brunches or dessert receptions. Opt out of having a wedding party, or choose a blush pink or dove gray wedding gown. Narrow down some of the larger elements you’re comfortable with changing and switch it up.
{Start Small} If sticking to a traditional venue and a Saturday date is for you then focus on making the smaller details be all about you and your partner. Is there something unique from your first date that could transfer over to your wedding? (For example, perhaps you and your husband met in the candy aisle while picking out peach ring candies. Have a signature drink at your wedding where the glass is rimmed with peach ring candies instead of an orange slice). Maybe you and your fiance love to ski and met on a skit trip. Use a pair of old skis for guests to sign and leave message on in lieu of a guest book and long after the wedding you’ll have a cherished memento hanging on the wall that’s sure to generate lots of conversation. And the list goes on for creating small unique details.
{Traditional-Sm-aditional} I don’t even know whats considered traditional anymore. I know the first kiss as husband and wife is pretty universal, as is the walk down the aisle, and of course so is the white gown. And so forth and so forth. But these are the things that I consider to be traditional. For you perhaps traditional means wearing a dress your great grandmother wore generations ago; beading, lace, sleeves and all. Maybe you and your groom will walk down the aisle together, to your fave rock song. Perhaps you’ll skip a cake altogether and instead toast one another to a tequila shot; something you did the night you first met. Tradtional carries different definitions for everyone. No matter what you decide to do on your big day, it’s going to be incredibly personal to you and your new spouse because there are so many little intricacies and details that combine together to create a distinctive final product.
What was the number one most unique element to your wedding day, guys?