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Friday Wrap UpApril 29, 2011

Oh jesh I tried so very hard not to make any reference to the Royal Wedding in this post but whose kidding who; a little piece of history unfolded today and I am proud to say I was able to watch it all in the wee hours of 3:00 am. Was I the only chick who felt like she too was getting married today thanks to my inability to fall asleep last night? I will never forget the image engraved in my mind of Kate climbing into the car with her father, millions of eyes watching her with bated breath. I’ll never forget how sweet it was to watch her hold back her giggles and smiles during the ceremony as her and William stole glances from one another. And I can confidently say that her custom made Sarah Burton gown which fit perfectly with her modern but timeless look will inspire thousands of brides-to-be over the next few years. Kate you are the epitome of regalness, of glamour, of what it means to be a lady. And millions adore you.
In other news, I’ve been doing a little soul searching on the blogging front. A few changes will be coming to Hey Gorg and I hope you’ll be excited to welcome them along with me. My girl cave is coming along nicely thanks to a few new vintage purchases (I can’t wait to share them with you) and Apb and I are headed out this weekend to go shopping for some new pieces for our apartment. All in all life is pretty good. A little crazy, a little unpredictable but hey that’s how it goes. As usual, here’s what went down this week over here in case you missed any of the fabulousness that ensued. Above photo from Vogue by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images.    
{Monday} Brought this dream-like Spanish-inspired destination wedding from Miami.
{My Clients} Are so sweet and so in love. And I can not wait for their wedding day!
{Tuesday} I get to work with this photographer next month. And I feel so lucky for it.
{Pep-Talk} A little tried and tested skin care to look your bridal best on your big day.
{The Biz} I started decorating my new office space. Come check out the progress :)
{Wednesday} Warning: Prettiness overload in this pink South Africa dream wedding.
{Thusday} This playful vintage carnival wedding puts the DIY in DIY. For real-sies.
{Friday} No FAQ. Sorry folks, I was “attending” a wedding. So come be my friend.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Lovely Links Around the Web
{Stunning} Is all that came to mind when I first laid eyes on this modern baby shower.
{Custom} Bowties. In the most fabulous of prints and colours. Need I say any more?
{Wall Art} This will be gracing my office wall regardless of having no meaning at all.
{Live Here} In this rainbow-inspired home from London. Secret hidden slide? So rad.
{Register} Here brides-to-be. I’m still trying to find an excuse to create a new registry.
{Paper} The holy grail of wall paper. With unfortunately quite the hefty price tag too.
What was your fave part of the Royal Wedding? I’d love to know!



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