I’ve recently been getting a ton of emails from my sweet readers wondering if I can share my advice on breaking into the industry, starting a blog and.or starting and managing a wedding-related business. Girls who love weddings, chicks who dig decor, people who obsess over the prettiest shade of pink as I do, they all wanna know how I ended up where I am now. And I can’t help but reread their messages over and over again until the lines get a little blurry because I am first of all completely honoured and blown away that people look to me for this kind of advice (honestly, I am 100% flattered), and secondly, when I look at “where I am now” and try to define that pinpointed place, all I see is a desk thrown against the wall in a 900 square foot partially packed-up apartment, my pet kitty sitting by my side and more big dreams any person my size could fit in their head. On a daily basis, I feel so little in this big big world.
I didn’t wake up one day and say “I’m going to be a wedding blogger and style weddings.” Instead I made some risky decisions and instilled a ton of faith in myself to believe that where I am now is essential to getting where I want to be say tomorrow, next month or five years from now. Each day I wake up with a purpose to do something, one thing, any thing, small or large, that’ll get me one step closer to where I think I belong. For too long I was after something that didn’t feel like me but rather felt like something that was expected; for years I ran in circles living my life like I was the only person in the world waking up each day, without a purpose or plan. Too many times I played the role of people pleaser, only to forget myself. It wasn’t until I got over these made up expectations that I was able to focus on me, my pursuit of self fulfillment and was able to start living the life I had imagined as being ideal for me
It’s not my purpose or goal to be the best blogger, biggest wedding planner or the most savvy stylist in the industry. I didn’t start on my journey thinking this would be a way to make great money; if that was the case you’d find me in med school (yeah right). This blog, my business, my goals, purpose and impact on others are incredibly important and meaningful parts of my life that continually motivate me to be better, to keep swimming, to never stop believing that even the loftiest of dreams are capable of morphing from where you are now-ness to where you want to end up in the future. And that’s precisely how you get to where you’re going regardless of the past.
What I do know is I believe in hard work, sacrifices, and trusting your instincts and heart. I believe in creating goals, big goals, goals that other’s would scoff at but goals that make you feel like like your on top of the world (which is one of the reasons I’ve never shared my goals with anyone. They are so delicate and near to my heart). I’m still so new to this journey and day by day learn how to go about things the best way possible, but this is my crazy, beautiful life and when I look around at my “now”, pet kitty, small apartment and all, I can’t help but feel completely at peace with my life. And for that I am one exponentially grateful and entirely happy chick.
Above photo of the sky. On our wedding day immediately after our indoor ceremony. Thanks to the fabulous Amanda Wilcher.