Happy Thursday loves! I am off to Michigan for the weekend to celebrate my sweet husband’s 28th birthday, look at our new apartment and get some consults done with a client but I just wanted to say hi and send you all one huge hug. Did you just feel that? Oh and as if you wanted to hear more about my silly little wedding but Al over at The Knotty Bride featured it today in honour of Hey Gorgeous Events being apart of her preferred vendor guide. You’ll have to go check it out to read my little blurb; my recaps of the big day have drastically changed since I wrote the first one way back here. Suffice to say, time heals everything and this girl is slowly coming to grips with the notion that perfection isn’t always what you think it should be. Catch you all tomorrow for a heart-felt FAQ Friday (I’ll tell you this much, it has to do with kids and weddings) and a new twist on my Friday Wrap Ups. You will positively heart it. I promise. Photo below by one of my constant sources of endless inspiration, the sweet Elizabeth Messina