This my friends, is a little awkward. Showing you photos of our little unfurnished, undecorated and rather dingy apartment that is. I feel sort of naked and the photos? Well they just ain’t pretty. And I just said ain’t. Ew, Rhi. Ew. I gave a little shout out on Twitter asking you guys if you wanted some progress pictures of my attempts to make my first office serve as an inspirational work space and the results sort of blew me away; seems you guys wanna watch this little baby morph into something pretty just as much as I do. Let’s go!

This doozie of a room is my office. It’s supposed to be the ‘master’ bedroom in our 1,000 square foot apartment but the layout is tres crappy. There’s a bathroom door in one wall which you can see above, an entry door on another, a closet door on a third (where I am standing to take the above photo) and a window on the fourth wall which is off to the right. Our large queen size bed would have had to go under the window had we of decided to make it our master. No thanks. Also, the ‘spare’ bedroom has bay windows. Which Apb and I love having in our bedroom. So the master has become my girl cave. Three cheers for girl caves everywhere!
Now let me inform you a little on the joys of renting (as if you didn’t know). I can’t wallpaper anything (sad face), the carpet breaks my heart with it’s ugliness (this girl wants hardwood) the doors are dark nasty faux wood (I despise them) and the list goes on. I do realize things could be way worse but I have a weakness for pretty surroundings. So this little project to spruce up my space has become a task of clever design and thinking a bit outside the box; two important qualities of any successful stylist, no? First up: we have the paint. And the painter I hired on contract. Aka my husband. I picked a Martha Stewart gray called Nimbus Cloud for three walls and a Behr pink called First Waltz for the accent wall behind my desk. P.S. I’m not normally as messy as the photo shows. Promise.
The door to my closest directly above, I am hoping to remove and replace with something a bit more neutral like perhaps a curtain or even nothing at all since my closest is fairly organized and my wardrobe is in my opinion a mixture of fun patterns and colours. The desk and chair are both from World Market and my milk glass vase filled with fresh tullies is vintage. And yes indeed that is a pile of approximately 23 Hershey Kisses wrappers from the deliciousness I ate today. Thanks for noticing my chocolate addiction.
Like mentioned above behind me will be my pink accent wall. I picked the wall colours to match my branding and because well, I love em and they continually leave me happy and inspired. Behind me will be a white shelf on the pink wall, filled with various sized frames and canvases of the shoots and weddings I have done. In the corner where you see my husband painting, will be my client area with a seating section, throw rug, side table and cubed IKEA bookcase (I don’t care what you say they are affordable and great for organizing tons of your stuff). I have a fun collection of cake stands I am hoping to show off too and a few other quirky plans for making this office pretty cozy so stay tuned for more progress posts! Thoughts so far? Xo