Happy Memorial Day my sweet blogettes! Hopefully everyone had a lovely long weekend of rest and relaxation and are feeling rested for a new week ahead. Andrew and I started a new little team building exercise with one another last night and I wanted to share it with you all today. Lately I’m finding that running the blog, catering to my clients (which is my first priority) and taking some time alone for just myself is leaving little room for husband or for ‘us’ time. And I told myself prior to getting married that I would never ever let anything get in the way of maintaining a solid and meaningful marriage. So yesterday I suggested to Apb, that we hold our own sort of couples counselling every Sunday night in an effort to strengthen our relationship. Below is what we’re doing and I have to admit, I am so totally in love with this new little routine in our lives.

On Sunday night Andrew and I both sit down and have to offer up a personal resolution or goal to reach or maintain for the upcoming week. It can be as lofty or as small as possible, but the point is to strive for something that is important on a personal level as opposed to something that may benefit our relationship together. For example, I could say “This week my resolution is to skip any pasta dinners,” (a toughie for me) or “This week I want to have my laptop shut down by 5:00 pm everyday unless an emergency should arise” (yet again another toughie for me). Andrew may set a professional goal relating to work or a goal to keep his closest more organized but the point is to keep things tailored to yourself and relevant to life as your own person.
Then we both come up with a goal that caters to both of us as a couple. This could be “This week we will eat breakfast together every morning.” Or “For the next seven days I will take out all of the trash without you asking,” but the goal is meant to benefit us as husband and wife. Once we both share our suggested goal we mutually decide which one we like better and figure out if our goals can somehow be combined (i.e. my goal of Andrew watching less TV at night and his goal of me on my computer less could mean a couple’s goal of less technology after 8:00 pm). We date and write our goals down in a little notebook so that next week when we regroup we can discuss how we think we did. Below I’ve listed our goals for this week (we started small)
Rhi – To drink a minimum of 2 to 3 full bottles of water per day (to reduce my daily terrible headaches)
Andy – To work out a minimum of three times this week (since we have snazzy new gym memberships)
Couple’s Goal – To go out for sushi and see the Hangover 2 on Tuesday with no excuses or reschedules!
What do you think guys? Is this something you think you chicks think you could do with your significant others? Do you think mini resolutions set on a weekly basis are easier to follow than something set long term? I’d love to hear what you think!