Happy Monday everyone. As promised here it is; Part 2 of my office redo efforts (you can catch Part 1 over here). And I’ve been getting in the ridiculous habit of calling my office the Hey Gorgeous Events headquarters that how much I’m digging this project so far. Yup, almost all 200 square feet of my space is given such a fancy name in my books. How in the world did I become ever so lame? Sigh. Anyway read on and see if you can spot the few changes and additions that have been made. A little I Spy if you will. It’ll be fun.
I know what you’re thinking though. “But Rhi, not much has changed since your last office redo post!” and to be fair, you’re right. Not a whole lot has. I am however trying to keep things somewhat a surprise since I am hoping to have a photog come over to snap some photos of my new space and me in that new space for the new changes I have stored over here. Muahaha. I’m so sneaky sneaky right? Once everything is in place and cleaned up I just know my little office will be equal parts cozy, inspirational and representative of me and my business – three things that were uber important to me before setting out on this revamp endeavor. The walls are 95% finished and the pink wall behind my desk is so adorable and even more perfect that I could have ever imagined. On Sunday, Apb’s mom came over to help me fix up the creases where the ceiling meets the walls and I did my best to set up my new book case, put together my new lamp base, and get things organized and in order. So far it is starting to look like something. Something to call my own. And check out that new vintage blue tea cart. I am obsessed with it. And love where it currently sits. Can’t wait to show you all the little details!
Don’t be too taken aback now by how good I look when I paint.
Some of the things I still need to get are chairs (or one chair) for a sitting area, a small side table, my rhino head from Z Gallerie, a lamp shade for my new lamp, some photos framed for the pink wall, a shelf hung on the pink wall, one last chunk of wall painted (the wall behind the door you can see in the above photo to the left), a mirror for my walk in closest, a trash bucket, and perhaps a carpet for over in my sitting area. Any recommendations for a cheap place to buy pretty chairs or a cheap rug? Do you think a rug would be too busy?
What do you guys think so far? Be honest :) Xo