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Friday Wrap UpJune 17, 2011

Happy Friday blogettes! It was a jam packed week over here with so many lovely features I can hardly wait for Monday again. Because Monday is all about this stunning wedding above from Amanda K Photo Art; just you wait for all the gorgeousness. From the rad bridal party, the stunning bride, the insanely creative reception backdrop; really I am running out of adjectives to describe my true felings on this wedding so you’ll have to sit tight over the weekend. I’ll be in Detroit scouting out venues for a 2012 bride but tell me, what are all of you up to this Father’s Day weekend? In the meantime here’s a little recap for you all! xo
{Monday} Kick started the week with this darling First Anniversary paper-themed shoot. 
{Tuesday} Probably one of the fiercest e-sessions I’ve ever featured graced the blog here.
{Pep-Talk} Seems to be the Blogging Blues sort of happen to the best of us in blog land.
{Wednesday} Fruits + veggies + a bunny in an orchard = the most stunning photos eva.
{Thursday} Brought us this dreamy and simplistic ‘Love in New York City’ photo shoot.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
Lovely Links Around the Web
{Cool Aid} I finally took a sip, guys. And am officially pin it to win it. So lame. So true.
{Checkmate} The perfect gift for chess loving wine drinkers. Like my sweet sweet Dad.
{Insane} Was what I thought when I saw this; I can only only imagine what guests said!
{I’m Loving} These beautiful handmade goodies. A little whimsy, a whole lot of pretty. 
{Balloons} Hundreds and hundreds of big colourful balloons. I swear, it’ll never get old.



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