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Friday Wrap UpJune 24, 2011
Happy Friday everyone! Did you guys catch this beautiful and playful bridal ballerina shoot over on the Wedding Chicks today? Like I’ve said before, I just love seeing balloons used in unique new ways and this shoot was no exception. Is there not something about the photo above that makes you wanna jump into the frame to toss around some balloons? And today, well today marks the end of another fabulous week. I don’t know about you but this week sort if whizzed by and I can only imagine the weekend will feel the same. Tomorrow I am assisting with the florals at an event and my Sunday will be spent relaxing and staying away from my computer. I mean, trying my best to do the aforementioned. This girl needs to start setting office hours.
In other news, next week I am hoping to have the new WordPress site up and running. Eeeek! I know I know I keep teasing you guys with this but I promise it’s happening so very soon because I am officially done with blogger. I’ve just been having so many problems with uploading photos and having portions of my posts just disappear that it will be refreshing to have a much more dependable back end and blogging platform. I can’t wait to show you guys the new site and I can only hope you’ll love it as much as I do. Until then, here’s all the fun that happened here this week. It was a short week thanks to a venue scouting trip in Detroit on Monday but believe me; the rest of the week was fun-overload. Catch you all on Monday, beauties!

{Monday} The sweet Jen from Made by Girl featured my finished Girl Cave!
{Tuesday} It’s official; this is one of the most popular posts ever on Hey Gorg.
{Wednesday} Big hugs to the Wedding Chicks for featuring my best work yet!
{Friday} How does it feel to be married? Come join in the discussion over here.

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{Minnie} This artist gives a whole new meaning to itsy bitsy kitchen.
{Quote} I’m not a huge wall decal person, but this changed my mind.



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