Happy Monday my blogettes! I am happy to announce I am back to the blogging circuit this week after a much needed week away. For a second there I felt so lost out to sea unable to see the shore and now, it feels so good to be back on solid ground with a new sense of renewed focus. Last week and over the weekend we got a ton of fun new things for the house and this week they are going to start framing the upstairs. But I’ll share all that good stuff with you throughout the week. For now you get a little teaser from Kelli and Brandon’s August 13th wedding (you know, the one where the teacher married the bean farmer) and is the above photo not absolutely stunning? Jen Lynne is such a dream and I can only imagine how fabulous the rest of the images are. We are hoping to get them published in print (eek!) so cross your little fingers for us chicks. And spill below; what did you do all weekend? Big hugs and so much love to you all. Catch you all tomorrow for a new Pep-Talk xoxo