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Making Registry Gifts More PersonalAugust 4, 2011

Hi everyone! This is Lisa again :)

A good friend of mine got married a few weeks ago, and I bought them a waffle maker off of their registry. Easy as pie. I clicked on the wedding website, then Target’s website, selected the gift, and presto—it was on its way to their new apartment.

Let me just say, I’m the kind of person that loves shopping for gifts. I start my Christmas shopping, oh, around Halloween, to make sure I can get everyone on my list something perfect. So I guess it’s no wonder that buying something from the registry online seemed so emotionless to me. I’m not sure how many of you have felt that way before, but I definitely felt disappointed that one of my dear friends was getting married and I put so little effort into her gift.

In the end, to accompany the waffle maker, I also wrote them a card that I brought to the wedding, and included a bunch of pretty handmade recipe cards with family waffle recipes on them. I felt really good about getting them a gift I knew they wanted, but also making it something from my heart, not just something I clicked online. With that in mind, I rounded up this list of items you see on most registries, along with a few personal touches to go alongside them.

Kitchen appliances (mixer, blender, toaster, etc.): This is the route that I went, and you can never go wrong with a cookbook corresponding to the appliance, or some personal recipe cards for the happy couple’s new kitchen.

Gourmet coffee maker: This is one of my favorite wedding upgrades! I love these pretty monogrammed mugs to go along with a fancy new coffee maker.

Luggage: The perfect gift for a jetsetting couple, luggage can be pricey, so add just a little extra touch with a personalized luggage tags or a fun travel journal.

Table settings (china, flatware, etc.): To add to this kind of gift, I would find something to complete the table that they may not have registered for—a tablecloth (you can never have too many!), pretty napkin rings, a beautiful vase, and so on. Just be sure to take a look at their whole registry to get an idea of the style they’re going for, and stay consistent with that.

Cookware: There are so many fun kitchen accessories out there to go along with a cookware gift! How cute are those his-and-hers aprons? And I love this spoon rest from Anthropologie—perfect to go right next to those pots and pans.

Linens: This is a little bit of a hard one, since there aren’t too many things that “go with” linens that a couple wouldn’t have registered for (as far as I can think of). My suggestion? Get the linens monogrammed, if that’s the couple’s style, or find a pretty coordinating throw pillow.

Electronics (camera, printer, TV, etc.): This depends on the gift specifically, of course, but most electronics have lots of fun accessories that go with them. Find a beautiful frame to go with a camera (maybe even get one of their engagement pictures framed for them), or make a collection of pretty printer paper and cardstock to go with a printer. Get creative!

Wine refrigerator: Already such a fun gift! Make it even more special with a “wine of the month” club membership, some wine charms, or maybe even an I.O.U. wine tasting trip for when the bride gets home from the honeymoon and needs some girl time!

One wedding gift that I am completely stuck on is a vacuum cleaner. I cannot figure out for the life of me how to make that more personal, but if I think of something, I’ll let you all know! ;)

Thanks so much for the sweet welcome and comments last week. I can already tell that Rhi has the world’s most amazing readers, and I’m so honored to be writing for y’all! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!



Pictures: Kitchenaid, Kitchenaid cookbook, smoothie cookbook, coffee maker, mugs, patterned mugs, luggage, luggage tag, travel journal, china, tablecloth, napkin rings, cookware, aprons, spoon rest, linens, monogrammed linens, pillow, camera, frame, paper, wine refrigerator, wine of the month club, wine charms



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