Blogettes, it’s official. Andrew and I will be living in our own brand new and first home by November :)

And as much as I hate showing non-pretty photos over here, I know some of you have been asking to follow along on this journey with us. And I have to admit this has been incredibly exciting for Apb and I so hopefully you’ll find a little excitement in it all too. First up are some blue prints that show the front of our house, the main floor, the second floor and then the aerial view of our lot which shows dimensions. Some of the things in the drawings have since changed, like our kitchen island and a few other aesthetic preferences inside but for the most part this is what every square inch of our new home will look like!

There she is! And she is a beauty :) The exterior will be a Storm gray hue (meaning all the vertical and horizontal “siding”) and the shingled portions within the two peaks will be a darker gray. All of the trim will be a crisp white and we opted to go without the shutters. The front porch will not have the railing on it so we can show off some cute chairs out there and see that front door? That baby is going to be the prettiest shade of yellow. That gray-yellow combo just makes my little heart so happy.

Our main floor is incredibly spacious and very much an open concept living space. That was one of the things about this home that really sold us on it. Once you walk in through the front door you can see into the flex room (a “front” room as we call it in Canada), the living room and then the dining room which sits directly in front of the slider that leads out to the covered deck. There are three large windows in the living room that let in an amazing amount of natural light and along the right side of the house in the living room, will be a fireplace. I love the powder room off of the garage and especially love the half stall Andrew had added to the garage because this means he gets a little space of his own for all his man stuff. We also have a little built in bench off the foyer which I just adore. The bench doubles as storage which is totally awesome for holding winter things.


The second floor is well, slightly intense. I know what you’re all thinking; “Holy *&$%, Rhi, what will you ever do with all that real estate?!” And well lemme break it down for you. Not only did we decide that 4 bedrooms would be beneficial for resale value in the future but the cost of a 4th bedroom versus a third was very little. And we will actually have a use for almost every single room. Bedroom 2 will be my Girl Cave, Bedroom 4 will be the guest room for family and friends that visit or want to stay the night and Bedroom 3 will be a nursery should a little Bosse Babe ever join us in the future. One of the things (OK there were a few) that I asked to have added was the cathedral ceiling in the hallway, the pitched ceiling in the master, the extra large master walk in and the flipped around master bath plan to fit my very much desired claw foot tub in there. Eeeek! We are so incredibly blessed.

And here is our lot. I wish I had exciting things to tell you about this except I don’t. All I know is we will be planting some trees near the side and the front of the house, once they go on sale this fall before the cold weather and snow hits the midwest. We will also be planting (thank you Apb for giving me the go ahead here, seriously thank you) pink peony bushes in front along the porch and near the side of the garage so I can finally fulfill my dreams of being able to cut my own fresh peonies come next spring. To the left of our property is am empty lot and to the right are super sweet nieghbors we’ve already had the pleasure of meeting. Behind us is a wooded area and then a backroad. And I guess I should mention that our neighbors across the street are our close friends Tara and Joey who just built their first home too. It’ll be so lovely to have friends as neighbors!

And with that I will leave you will this; what our lot looked like right before they broke ground! Part two coming soon :) xoxo