Andrew, last week you told me I was the best thing that ever happened to you. And just when I didn’t think my heart could feel any fuller, it did. I can hardly believe just last year, I was getting ready to become your wife and that now, fast forward 12 months later, we’re getting ready to move into our very own home. You are by far, the most gracious, kind and gentle-natured man I know. You are the best spider-killer, a reacher of things that are too high up for me to get, and cooker of yummy dinners when I am too lazy to do it myself. You have been not only a husband to me, but a confidant, a friend and a support system. They say that the first year of marriage is supposedly the toughest. But in my humble opinion I think it’s the best. I love you.

Happy Friday, bloggies! It feels so good to be back! Please excuse the lack of a traditional Friday Wrap-Up as I wanted to dedicate today to our one year wedding anniversary which is in fact tomorrow on the 24th. Seriously, where does the time go? For the past year I, (along with so many of you and I am so sorry for the overkill) have been glancing at these photos; on my blog, on Pinterest and so many other blogs; that I never really took the chance to remember what it felt like. I never took a chance to remember what it felt like to be a bride, to be Andrew’s fiance and then wife all on the same day, to be surrounded by such an incredible group of people who love and care for us. So this weekend you can bet I’ll be doing a whole bunch of remembering :) To see our Style Me Pretty feature click here. All the beautiful above photos are by Amanda Wilcher.