“I’ll think about it,” Shal told me from the beginning. See, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to do a rose petal toss. “It may be hard to get 250 guests outside the church just to throw petals,” explained the bride to be. Especially if there was going to be food and drinks for the guests to enjoy in the chapel right after the ceremony. But I insisted. I convinced her it would be well worth it. Rose petal tosses are fun. People love em. And they make for the best of photos. Certainly I could manage getting that many bodies outside. “You’re right,” Shal told me soon after. “I do love the idea so let’s do it.” And we did. All 250 of us. And it was perfect. I can’t wait to share more with you from this fabulous Indian-Canadian wedding. Shal and Arjun are two very special people to me; clients who have become friends. Someone tweeted yesterday that the brides on all the popular wedding blogs are certainly beautiful, but that beautiful brides come in all shapes and colours. And I couldn’t agree more. xoxo