Something that I surely struggled with and tons of you may have struggled with pre-wedding too, was the whole Say Yes to the Dress culture. A former beautiful bride of mine, told me last night that the popular TLC show we all love to hate, paints such an unrealistic picture of what finding your dress and the entire experience surrounding it should mean. Girls without budgets, girls who brings hoards of friends and family only to end their consults with the entire salon in tears of happiness, girls who seem to be celebrating that moment when you know ‘it’s the one’ flash across our television screens showing us how the experience should really be. Yet, all you can do is wonder when your big moment like that will be; I’m telling you I was there. I was the girl who went wedding dress shopping alone, who tried on the dress she’d be eyeing for months, only to know it was surely beautiful but that maybe just maybe there was something better out there that was totally more my style. Because I never had that moment that felt like the only acceptable form of validation, I felt like my dress really wasn’t special.

Truth be told, it’s alright if Mom doesn’t cry when you put on the dress that you know you’ll wear on your wedding day. It’s OK if Mom doesn’t even come to your first wedding dress shopping experience with you (I actually encourage this to my clients because it allows you to shop for you and not your sweet Grandma or Aunty Sue even though I have nothing against girls who wish to bring an entourage to their appointments :) It’s completely normal to feel disappointed if putting on your dress fails to bring on the waterworks; because for many of us chicks who crave the non-televised version of that wedding dress experience, we experience this moment in the most personalized and unique to us ways much like how unique our relationships are with our significant others. To all the no-way-I’m-crying-when-I-come-outta-the-change-roomers, the-lack-of-shrieking-when-I-know-it’s-the-one-ers, the-I’ll-shop-by-myself-ers and the dress-isn’t-a-big dealers; you’ll have your moment. And my goodness it’ll be better than any television camera could ever capture. I pinkie promise. Photo from here.

Tell me below about your wedding dress experience, whether they included tv cameras or not :) Would love to hear! xoxo