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Pep Talk Tuesday {You Are Not Superwoman}October 19, 2011

It’s OK if you didn’t respond to every single email that came through today, if you happened to skip a trip to the gym, if hitting up Subway at lunch was way easier than packing a Pb & J in a Ziploc. It’s OK if you skipped the flat iron this morning for a thrown together bun on the top of your head, if you skipped foundation because you were running late or heck, if you all together skipped the shampoo in the shower last night because you were too tired to remember. It’s OK if you slowly feel like every time you cross off one thing on your to do list, three more pile up in its place, if the dishes seem to be piling up in the same sort of fashion, while the dirty laundry pile starts to form its own zip code. It’s OK to feel overwhelmed, defeated, tired, frustrated; to feel like while everyone else runs around handling their to-do’s with perfect precision, you start to feel the weight of way too much stuff sitting on your plate. Because at the end of the day, come night time, is the beginning of a new day, and another chance to figure it all out. A sweet friend today reminded me that even superwoman gets tired every now and then. While I’m so far from being any version of a woman with super powers, I sure am human. And know that crawling into my bed the minute I press publish on this post, leaving the day behind as is, will be the best decision I could have made all day.

And because this is my blog, about my endeavors and my thoughts, here are two photos of you guessed it; me. Yeah! Big props to Assaf Friedman, one of my fave photogs ever, for making me sit down to take these two photos at Shawna and Mick’s fabulous Toronto wedding last month. Each and every wedding I do has an extremely important place in my heart and having a photo of myself from that day sort of serves as a memento to me. Oh and just a little FYI, that day was indeed a day when I managed to use shampoo the night before :) Sleep tight blogettes, and be brilliant with every ounce of your being xo



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