Happy Friday, beauties! Hope you all had such wonderful weeks. This week, for me was so wonderful in so many wonderful little ways. I had the week off from my gig at the floral salon which I surely missed, but the extra time really allowed me to get some work done, prepare for our big move (less than two weeks!) and even better, make some self-discoveries that I have to say, have been eye-opening and rather refreshing. Apb and I had a much needed date night on Wednesday and I think I fell in love with my sweet husband all over again, that’s how great it was to connect sans no phones at our fingertips. It’s also next to impossible to describe how beneficial it’s been for me to do this here and do this here too. I’ve been connecting with some people both personally and professionally lately that have really made me feel like everything is sort of where it needs to be.

And all seriousness aside, can I just take a minute to tell you how excited (ok I don’t have a word to accurately describe my true feelings but ‘excited’ will do) I am about this new home of ours?! I’ve been waking up everyday in similar fashion to a child on Christmas morning just thinking about all the parties, memories, and traditions we get to have, create and make in that snazzy house of ours. Can you all just move to Michigan please so I can have you over? Stay tuned for photos of everything finished, which I plan to post soon! In the meantime I am off to Traverse City to meet with some adorable clients. Who have hired this guy. Oh be still my happy heart. And do tell me, what are all of you fun loving people up to this weekend?

{Monday} Well this is actually a post from late last Friday night. But either way you should head over and check it out!
{Wednesday} Did you see the gorgeous bouquet from Shal and Arjun’s August wedding? I die every single time. Really.
{Thursday} Next week is the sweet Lisa’s last week with us here which makes me sad. But her post this week? So pretty.
{Prizes} We finally picked a winner from the Tasteful Tatters giveaway! Congratulations Halls in Love, please email me!
{Goals} I set mine for November and surprisingly, going public with them has held me accountable. What are your goals?

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