Over the past five days I’ve realized a few fabulous new things. That first off, this whole going to bed before 11 pm thing is pretty rad (remember these pretty little goals over here? I’m totally kicking butt and taking names). I have to admit it’s rather exhilarating creeping into bed way before bed even expects me. I also noticed that getting your goals out into the open for everyone to either applaud/laugh/support/judge you on is kinda of scary-cool. And, last but not least, it smacked me straight in the forehead this week that sometimes when you stand back and just do you, you can get the most marvelous things accomplished. I’ve been reassessing the way I blog, the way I tweet, the way I use and practice social media. I’ve also be reassessing (or rather confirming) who I am and what I am all about as an individual and as a business, and thanks to some incredible guidance from friends and family, I feel incredibly blessed to know I’m on the right track to where I want to be.

It’s been a little over a year since I officially launched my wedding planning and styling business. When I look at myself from a year ago versus myself now, the differences are monumental. I’m not a different person now than I was then but more so just a better, more fulfilled, more alive version of me. I feel nothing but gratitude for being able to consistently change and grow all while staying true to my visions and most importantly myself. I knew 110% the day I decided to bring HGE to life that it was absolutely my calling and the right thing to do. Call me crazy, but I told myself that day, there was no way this adventure wouldn’t work out. It my have been a little naive of me to think that I could just jump into the unknown with absolutely no regard for the potential of failure, but sometimes you just need to take a little bit of a risk to yield big time rewards.

Today was my day off so I headed to Hobby Lobby to stock up on some crafting supplies for a DIY date with Jenna. One of the employees, i.e. the same one I frequently ask for opinions, bless her heart, told me “You really are here all the time aren’t you?” and I then proceeded to zig zag up and down every single and incredibly too narrow aisle probably eight or more times. When I got home with close to seven bags bursting at the seams with enough sparkle and glitter to make any child squeal with delight, Apb looked over and I noticed that look coming across his face; the whole how-much-did-you-really-spend-on-tissue-paper-babe look. And instead of feeling guilty, I smiled. Because this is just what I do. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Next time you open your blogger account, the next time you type in your wordpress password, when you tweet, facebook, or verbally tell someone about your business, your creation, your passions, and essentially who you are and what you’re made of, be sure to do it with purpose and with love. Just do what you do, the best way you know how, with one foot in front of the other. And while you’re doing that I’ll be over here snuggling in between my sheets before 11:00 pm; on a Friday night :)

Here’s one frame from a recent crafting session with Jenna. It’s coming soon I promise! Be fabulous this weekend xoxo