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A Moment For YourselfJanuary 30, 2012

We’re back. Mind you we’re a tad sleepy thanks to our 4:00 am return into Rockford early this morning, but we’re back and I can safely say that vacation gave me a much needed new perspective on things. I’m a worrier by nature. A work-a-holic. Staying on top of things, working until I can’t see straight, answering emails as quickly as I can; I can truly admit it’s a tough concept for me to just relax and take a break. But this little five day escape to the Bahamas, graciously gifted to Apb and I by my sweet parents, was the perfect test to my inability to let go. No phone, no Internet, no computer, no camera, no work, no worry about who would have to wait to hear back from me until I returned. And I realized it’s OK not to be doing something big and great all the time because those small moments of the seemingly mundane are so important in the larger picture. It’s OK to reassess and step back from your expectations of yourself. Sometimes it’s OK to just be. Sunburn and all.

I read this little snippet from Self Magazine last night in the Atlanta airport. 2012 has been a little rocky so far despite my best efforts to ring in ‘the best year yet’ as expected. But life is such a blessing. And I needed this: ‘Once upon a time, we believed the world was flat – that beyond a certain point, there would be nowhere to go, And though we now know the world is round, we still fear falling off imaginary edges, too often thinking there’s only so far we can stretch, so hard we can push. The most dangerous limits are those in our own head. When you feel you’re at your edge, look again. You can go farther.’

Happy Monday, everyone. Make today so fabulous xoxo (Ps I did manage to take a few iPhone shots, obviously :)



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