Rhi + Andrew | 1-Year Anniversary from Future Focus Media on Vimeo.

Over here I talked about Wedding Videography; a bit of a sore subject for me ever since Apb and I’s not so great experience with our personal wedding footage. And in that post I shared a little interview that we did with the amazing Paul and Vanessa Filan of Future Focus Media. I could write chapters about wedding videography and how for some it’s a service sitting low on their list of must haves but hiring a videographer is a tricky thing, especially when you want one really really bad. Like I may burst into tears if I can’t afford the videographer that’s going to make Steven Spielberg jealous bad. It’s like hiring a wedding planner. For some it’s an investment considered unnecessary until it’s far too late to reconsider. And no one like’s to feel like they made the wrong choice long after their wedding thank yous have been sent out (been there, done that and lemme tell you, it can be a toxic thing for some of us chicks who love everything to be nice and perfecto).

So anyway, in an effort to feel like one day our little babes (our potential little babes let me add) will have something to watch and reflect on from when their parents were young and hip and awesome (“Mom, you were such a babe in your high heels!” or “Dad! You had hair. Lots of it!”) we did an anniversary video merged together with the very best wedding footage we had. And here’s what we have as a result. A nice little video that sits so near and dear to my heart. As my Dad and Mother in Law said over the holidays, this is the kind of thing you need to pull out when your significant other is getting on your nerves and driving you a little crazy. Because as silly as it may seem that we had a camera follow us around Traverse City for an afternoon, this video is such a simple reminder of the best kind of love I’ve been blessed with in my life. Enjoy your Tuesday, my wonderful bloggies! Sending you all super big bear hugs today xoxo