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Wedit {A New Approach to Wedding Videography}January 12, 2012

I know some of you may be le tired of all this wedding videography talk but wait! I have good stuff here today. You know those brides and grooms who when asked whether they’ve hired a wedding videographer, say “Nope, we think Uncle Tim can catch the ceremony on his videocamera just fine”?  Because in actuality they really are A-Ok with Uncle Timmy’s videography skills? Well Wedit is the most perfect solution for these kinds of couples. They offer a fun and fuss-free way to share your big day memories. Enter the marvelous and super sweet Shawna and Mick. Remember these uber good looking lovebirds?

Well they fell head over heels for Wedit and their simple philosophy to big day memories. By using the 5 HD cameras you are sent in the mail prior to your wedding day, you and your guests are in charge of capturing the footage you want and deem to be important. Wedit then carefully selects a reputable editor to work one on one with you to piece togther a video that represents you best. I have an August bride and groom also working with WedIt and think it’s an incredible and affordable videography route for couples who prefer this approach to videography. Or even better, for couples who originally didn’t make room in their budget for an actual team of videograpers.

From Shanwa, the beautiful bride above and a happy Wedit customer: When my husband and I began planning our wedding we agreed that our priorities were food & photography. We didn’t want to dismiss the importance of videography but we were not prepared to spend a fourth of our budget on the well known local vendors. After a few emails & meetings with lesser-known options, we decided to halt the search, as it wasn’t going to be worth spending the money if we weren’t going to be happy with the product. And then I saw an add for Wedit; what a cool idea! Our wedding vision was to be intimate from the start – only our closest friends and family so what better way to make a video than to have your guests capture the moments? 

I got in touch with the Wedit team to come up with a way that I could use their services in Canada. Brett was so helpful and thank god (once again) for Rhi being amazing & willing to do anything for us, she had the cameras shipped to her & brought them to Toronto. Our guests had such a blast with the cameras, nobody put them down! We have our ceremony shot from 5 angles, so many amazing moments and smiling faces that only one videographer could never have captured. The Wedit team is helpful, responsive and work very hard to make their clients happy all for a great price. We are almost done editing our full-length video and are IN LOVE with the highlight video, it really is our perfect day so brilliantly captured & edited.   

What do you guys think of Shawna and Mick’s video and the Wedit philosophy? For those of you that simply couldn’t afford a fancy videographer for your big day would you of considered a sevrice like Wedit? Does this seem like a way to really get a guests perspective on your big day? For more information visit the Wedit site here where you can see more wedding trailers! Thanks to Assaf for the above photo. Make today marvelous bloggies. Happy Thursday xoxo



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