Last week I spent a few days in Chicago for a little gem of a workshop called The Simple Plan. Put on by the incredibly wise and equally sweet Michelle Loretta and Kelly Simants of The Sage Wedding Pros, the workshop is for wedding professionals who want to build and run a smarter business. From marketing plan basics, financial formulas, and the ever so valuable experience to network and talk to like-minded people (Hi, Julie!), the workshop is an intensive resource for anyone who is open to getting better and being better. I started 2012 with the mindset to get better and be better. And I needed this workshop for the tools to believe I’m capable. To have the confidence to do what it takes to be where I want to be and know I can be.

That all sounds really complicated though right? At least it did to me prior to my trip. But truth is part of owning a business, is just that. Keeping track of expenses and costs (holy crap those two things are different. How did I not know this before?), coming up with a marketing plan, and figuring out a concise but eloquently written mission statement; all of these things are just as important as the carefully curated design boards I make and the perfect bouquet recipe I help put together over time for my clients. But the most important thing, and the biggest thing I took away from my time in Chicago was that a bit of confidence can go a long way. I will forever be grateful for the new sense of confidence I gained from the Simple Plan.

From the moment HGE became a possibility, I’ve known my goals, my mission, the type of client I want, the type of wedding I want to style, plan and coordinate. But never have I thought to really write these things down. And hold myself accountable to it all. Until now. ‘Hey Gorgeous Events is committed to creating cleverly designed weddings that bridge together aesthetically beautiful and personally significant details.’ That’s it. My mission statement. That’s essentially what I’ve wanted to do since day one. And there it is in writing. To come back to on days where I feel I’ve lost myself. For potential clients to read before they call to inquire further about potentially working together. To help remember what my purpose is all about.

I’ve also revamped my packages and pricing. I now have prices that really reflect how much heart and soul I put into my work. Prices that feel genuine. In order to give potential clients more flexibility in picking services that match their needs, I’ve created a new Partial Planning package for the bride and groom who need guidance partially through their planning process. My Full Service and Design package is also completely reworked and it’s not just a start to finish sort of service but instead an experience that is truly unparalleled (oh my gosh this feels so good!). I can hardly wait to share this with new 2013 clients who share the same visions, style and philosophies as I do. And who will love their big day as much as I will.

Oh, did I mention my blog and website are getting a little makeover, too? I’m just about as happy as I am here…

Minus the moustache though. That part is totally made up, I promise. Stay fabulous, blogettes. And Happy Monday xoxo